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List of all user-created chat rooms #16
Chilling room chat room [public] created by kellsweet
Meeting, friendship and more...intelligent thoughts are welcome
fuck the police chat room [public] created by tweak0420
in this room the cops are not welcom and ppl diss them too!!!
young room chat room [public] created by emokd7
where ppl from the ages of 13 -16 can pm talk about their favorite things
Maryland Encounters chat room [public] created by MotorMike
Looking to hook up in Maryland?
BOSNIA CHAT chat room [public] created by mdskza
Everybody in UAE meet here chat room [public] created by AnthonyAnastassiou
Come on if you want to meet others in UAE.. Do you feel lonely in UAE well meet people chat horny people will be kicked out..unless they're goin' to die out of horniness..
non-verbal chat room [public] created by starfireslove
anyone who hates it when other people use cuss words
Marilyn Manson Lovers chat room [public] created by ShalieSlaughter
A Chat about the wonders of Marilyn Manson; and just how much we like him and why. Ect...
Konfusion chat room [public] created by Tanedom
Bored?Lonely?Hyper?Relaxed?Come on in and just hangout
st.louis chat room [public] created by r0cKeR4LiFe1
for single people in st.louis..
affordable cam show tight pussies chat room [public] created by eagerkinky
asian girls available here. im a newbie and my pussy is still tight. ive been fucked only once
just for friendship chat room [public] created by Nianka
this room is for making friend in all over of the world ,exchanging culture,informations ,and get more friends .y're welcome...
topeka kansas chat chat room [public] created by cplnd4sable8820
locals from topeka chatting it up
under 16 gay and bi chat chat room [public] created by birty1992
under 16, gay bi come here and chat
Twilight fans chat room [public] created by Brando627
this is for all you twilight lovers
the hookup chat room [public] created by pcback1
a room to meet other hot bisexual and lebian girls(no guys allowed)
wesleyreynolds chat chat room [public] created by wesleyrey
no bad language or obcene language
adult site chat room [public] created by wesleyrey
no strong language or obcene language
headbangers chat room [public] created by emokd7
a chat room for ppl to talk about their favorite rock, alternative, or metal bands and songs
Emos chat room [public] created by emokd7
hornynbotherd chat room [public] created by hotnbig123
kum in and meet new funn ppl n try nt to get too explict
chatt chat room [public] created by sanisina
salut and bonjour de tous le monde
malawians chat room [public] created by bandajoseph
strictly for malawians ,chats are about almost everythung
for the single ladies chat room [public] created by dalton08
just chat with me and other ladies
East Anglia Singles chat room [public] created by 00jonny00
Come Chat 2 Singles In The East Anglia Area. EveryOne Welcome!
propertyofneo chat room [public] created by ieatpotatoes
just a chatroom, feel free to talk, spam, and chat. i love kari btw, just so you know. i love you so much ily ily ily ily ily ily ily
German Girls chat room [public] created by LittlePinkMuffin
Are you German an looking for a cute American Boy ?!
under 20 pennsylvania chat room [public] created by ohsnapitsyulie
people who live in pa that are under 20 years old
all boys this way chat room [public] created by angelcakesgal
wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu willlllllllllllllllllllllll loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. english boys only
nh married and looking chat room [public] created by tim03038
room for ladies to meet men who just wanna have fun and get what they are not getting at home
public lesbian and bisexual chat chat room [public] created by Libby19
room for use by lesbians or bisexuals to chat, mingle or what ever you feel like. please do not use this room for intimidating others over in anyway especially their sexual preferences
shy36 chat room [public] created by hottie36
I am not shy but I look shy!!!!
PANAMA CITY BABY chat room [public] created by bird86
find your lesbian partner chat room [public] created by SexyThang123
For lesbians to chat and hopefully not have perverted guys to try and stalk you lol
The StonerLounge chat room [public] created by CanadianStonerrr
a place to chill and talk about the need for weed and anything else really....just make sure you spark a fat one before you enter
utah singles chat room [public] created by Whidowmayker
local, singles general interest, local events
whatever u wannna call this chat room chat room [public] created by pinkroses3000
this chat room is about what you want to desicuss your sex like getting advice, just by talking about anything.
Small Talk chat room [private] created by dastar07
Friends working and bored. But this chat will make your time at work fly by..
I LOVE EATHERTWAT chat room chat room [public] created by Eathertwat
Me and my friends chat room chat room [private] created by aizniichan
me and my friends chat room...................................................................
Westminter Colorado Singles Chat chat room [public] created by Kurt16
This chat room is for singles in the Westminster or Broomfield area in Colorado looking for a good time! And who knows... maybe, just maybe, you will find that special someone! Or at least a temporary someone? Oh well who knows. Single? Come talk!
isabela chat room [public] created by isabela069
hello guys! cam model here.. can do anything you like.. your cam sex slave baby....
summer and fall chat room [public] created by summer321
for anyone who whats to go there
vampire dorms chat room [public] created by winxfanatic17
any vamps are invited boys or girls and couples
potatoe and tomato chat room [public] created by flipchick
=] ou welcome ahaha its a room and its mine and mah loves room =](ieatpotatoes) welcome to chat and stuff yep is a background of my city. Ciao.
anime roleplayers chat room [public] created by Lillyreno
its were you roleplay not talk
lonly chat room [public] created by nilakas000
amra jara Bangladeshi tara ai chat room besi bebohar korbo
The Insane Clowns chat room [public] created by freak3
happyendingchatroom chat room [public] created by hobbyalexa
whatever is your ethnicity, if u want to join u can long as u want to reach heaven.
-Horny Chat- chat room [public] created by CodyS13
horny and want to talk dirty.............
14418 chatroom... chat room [public] created by sYazReEn
got nothin' 2 do n new here????join me f u r a lonely enough!!!
kristine chat room [public] created by kristine08
for the good guy only and free to all guy only
black queen chat room [public] created by nevaeh1987
its especially for black girls with talents...and who have a lot to offer in society....pretty and wants ton talk about problems of the youth,mainly about,teenage pregnacy,aids,drugs and many more
real marry chat room [public] created by MUOD
if any one want to play ,please don't this room , this room is create just for real marry
mylove4you chat room [private] created by darkpixie
just the 4 of us! my three loves and me
sexy usa singles chat room [public] created by kenzo91
room for single americans to chat
LONDON CHAT chat room [public] created by LondonM21
all People from London can have a chat
nude chat room chat room [public] created by lindsaysexy
a chat room where everybody should be nude....
one on one chat chat room [private] created by emmantope
is emmantope and rebs to chat together
Dragons Friends and other Dragons chat room [private] created by DragonOfDarkness
Dragons Friends and other Dragons
s only chat room [public] created by ClOsEdSkAtErGiRl
girls this is a place to express yourself without perverted guys
loiusiana chat chat room [public] created by countryboy787
chat room for locals in louisiana
lovely01 chat room [private] created by 552920
what can i sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
H2OSCARE chat room [public] created by H2OS
The home of no distinction of color, ethnicity or religion The home of love and sharity let's love each other caus life's too short & We don't Die twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
goths an emo chat room chat room [public] created by gothrok
oi oi oi heavy metal hey all you goths,emos and metalers wats up
ScareCrow Place chat room [public] created by SkareCrowKilla94
Welcome to the ScareCrow Place! No Haters Allowed or you will be banned from the room Have fun and Keep it Wickid! MMFWCL
elpasotx chat room [public] created by elpasotx
everyone from el paso tx is welcome here
cam2cam ppl chat room [public] created by benlee101
this is for ppl hu wana cam2cam. noo freetrial shit ppl
awesome chat room [public] created by saw22
this room is for all who enjoy music as i do
talk at me chat room [public] created by boyslikesmiley
naughtynicole666 chat room [public] created by nicolesmith6969
if u want to see some sexy exotic and erotic me, come on over and ill bend as u want too
chennai love chat chat room [public] created by iamblackguy
love and relationships maintains here
GREEKMUSLIMS chat room [public] created by greekmuslimgirl18
CUS ALL YOU WANT chat room [public] created by PiMP561
CUS ALL YOU WANT AND ALL YOU NEED chat room [public] created by PiMP561
You can talk about pussy, dick anything you can think of.
TEEN CHAT BECAUSE YOU CAN CUS ALL YOU WANT chat room [public] created by PiMP561
suzetlolita1 chat room [public] created by suzetlolita1
join and make friends,lover's and long termrelationship,you can IM me aswell to know much or mail me to my personal account>>>>
in the middle of Pacific ocean chat room [public] created by Kamehameha
In the middle of Pacific ocean
Cheating House Wives chat room [public] created by wgmkjoker
We Can Meet & Greet Here. South Eastern Mass People Only!
nijodubai chat room [public] created by nijocj2002
no formality any one can chat.
Super Junior chat room [public] created by l0ral0vah
all who love super junior... i love them so much, join me?!?
just for sexy people chat room [public] created by angietal
just for sexy people :)~ with Man & cam.
beautiful people chat room [public] created by angietal
only beautiful people whit Msn & camera ...
monster chat room [public] created by kconte
talk about any thing but u have to be under the age of 18
18 year old girls usa chat room [public] created by jack619
18 year old girls that r f rom the usa
CLUB 313 chat room [public] created by tungfumaster
This room is for the grown people in the 313 and surrounding areas that like to talk dirty, and like to get talked dirty to. So if you get offended by dirt talk, don't even bother.
DIRTY TALK chat room [public] created by louis44
Rap chat room [public] created by Rad3zy
Anyone who really loves Rap or Hip-Hop music, or both of them should enter here! You can post anything here!
bi phone chat chat room [public] created by donkbowler
this place is were people meet and if there horny enough chat on the phone were they can here each other cum
naruto 4fans chat room [public] created by tyler321
for naruto fans.people who like the show,manga,or one of the people on naruto!!!
naruto 4fans only chat room [public] created by tyler321
for naruto fans.people who like the show,manga,or one of the people on naruto!!!
Bi and Lesbians combine chat room [public] created by Luvtheladies
all bi and lesbian chicks can come chat wit eachother from every where
Native Chat chat room [public] created by NativeBabee07
people who are "Native" can come chat in here :)
Shy chat room [private] created by sexymocha6
this room is for all the shy girls and guys to get to know each other and get the hang of this chat room stuff!!
Scared chat room [public] created by sexymocha6
this room is for all the shy girls and guys to get to know each other and get the hang of this chat room stuff!!
MinorRave chat room [public] created by Roxiie
A Minor Rave chat Room for us crazey fans to have a Minor Rave together!!!
Gibraltar Chat chat room [public] created by S0ulseeker
Everyone who lives/works in Gibraltar or close to it, feel free to join this chat.
Alberta chat room [public] created by chopperguy
Alberta people Chat ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
boys and girls chat room [public] created by nomad13
a room where the boys and girls could talk ,where are young people and where they can make friend
emo people chat room [public] created by babybecca013
the dark room awaits. feel free to come and express yourself here.
ages 13-16 ONLY- jk chat room [public] created by babybecca013
if there are any people in here that arent 13-16, i will kick you but i dont want ppl oler than 17 in here plz...thnx so much much <333 xoxo becca
san antonio texas chat room [public] created by teddyb19
texas people meet................................................................................................................
cweeds chat room chat room [public] created by cweed92
heck with regular chat get ur big asses in here!~ lol
cobras room chat room [private] created by cobra9112
hello all .......................................................................................
Friends to have fun chat room [public] created by Wildboytoy
Where all is to have fun and a good time
The Emos Chat chat room [public] created by CampRock
The emos Room is were Emo and Other ppl If They Wsant to Chat
soft touch chat room [private] created by bubbles81
like the touch of you next to me
Vampire Acadamy chat room [public] created by winxfanatic17
all vampires can join boy and girl vamps can join
The laugh club chat room [public] created by shorty1982
join the club if you like to drink and smoke and laugh
ConVeRse chat room [private] created by XxxXCoNVeRSeXxX
huuu uhuuuuu huuuu huuu huuuuu
Justins homies chat room [private] created by Strider626
Peopl that know me on the chat room and that all get along with each other
girlfriends and boyfriends chat room [public] created by madcollie123
for all you lovers out there a private chat room just for u
fl chatline chat room [public] created by evilsin666
a place where anyone can chat from florida and its notjing big just want to meet peope around where i stay lol. but anyways im out of here so if you go on you go on but anyways peace
romanian teens chat room [public] created by nomad13
meet friend and chat with him here
St.Petersburg chat room [public] created by raltinbas
St.Petersburg St.Petersburg St.Petersburg
kolkata local chat room [public] created by eagleaustin2002
Bi male for Bi male chat room [public] created by jacknjack52
romm for al bi men to meet and cht
adult talk chat room [public] created by matthewblodgett
talk about anything adult related
punk chat room [public] created by babytigger
just for punks to talk to there own kind
Aussie Aussie Aussie chat room [public] created by Benny1983
name speaks for itself by an aussie for Aussies and english speaking people to meet and have fun. behave or piss off :)
Brookemisters Teens Only Hangout room chat room [public] created by Brookelia
Where you can date chat or just get friends
12placeforyou45 chat room [public] created by Bwall1418
Feel what love really feels like.
Fetisch chat room [public] created by JustNice22
A free room to talk about ur fetish stuff
secrets to share chat room [public] created by brian1280
for people who like to share deep dark secrets about them selve or others
Amsterdam session chat room [public] created by cyprinadoration
cosmopolitan chat,no discriminatie,no racism,no mysoginism,no floods,no spams
action chat room chat room [private] created by ameego
for action xyx xuy huy kji kkjlko jojlkjl
good and honest chatters chat room [private] created by yorx
we never tell a lie and a bad words
Anime Club chat room [public] created by Reynachan
for people to talk about anime and manga. either that or just general talk
Da Best Room chat room [public] created by cherrylipz16
lets talk about everything,drama, love relationships and more
depression discussed chat room [public] created by battling2minds
for everyone who is suffering with depression or mental illness come and chat with other people like you for support
winx fanclub house chat room [public] created by winxfanatic17
winx forever till the end fan club
lez chat chat room [public] created by amsohorny4you
somewhere fun where girlz can meet and talk nasy trade picz if you need a girlfriend or sum1 to talk to you dirty here is the place
theater of the vampiers chat room [public] created by musafairy
place where vamps can have fun
love me good chat room [private] created by bobdapenguin55
type what you would do to me if we were having s e x in real life. ill do the same.
theater de vampyre chat room [public] created by sailorazerath
a fun place for vamps and their friends
insane clown posse chat chat room [public] created by jezzlapre
los nd lettes juggalos nd jugalletes.............................................................................................................................
Lets go ladies chat room [public] created by jlil04
come on in ladies...lets all chat and meet new people
girls from texas 19-40 years old chat room [public] created by texanguy
looking for friends and fun and pribated chat at yahoo
Akatsuki Random-ness chat room [public] created by Akasuna0no0Sasori
Role Play Or Just Do Random Stuff Whatever....
JUZ ME N YALL chat room [public] created by sexciithinkness
Chicagoland Chat chat room [public] created by zach1979
chat room for those in chicago and surrounding suburbs
Hanson chat room [public] created by kate7048
Let's talk Hanson everyone! Ya know... the band.
sexy chat chat room [public] created by sexytucsongurl
party time is all the time so come join the party
Bon Jovi chat room [public] created by bonjovis
THE chat for every Bon Jovi-fan all over the world
MCDREA chat room [private] created by MCDREA
i am looking for an extrovert,honest, warm, sincere.I'm affectionate, sensitive, i am also easy going and have a good sense of humour.Enjoy exercise, and the outdoors in general. I love sailing cruising,not racing and reading,going to beach and also cooking.i also enjoy a good drama movies.i have watch some good drama. i respect girl so much and particularly i loved girl who have respect.
going to school chat room [public] created by L38misfit
give me money to go to the school i want
arnold chat room [public] created by arnold5555
Scottish gay lez n bi chat room [public] created by Brokeninside17
For those seeking a relationship or friendship in the same country lol.
Immergration and your comments chat room [public] created by maryyfreddie
this is for everybody and those going thru the immergration process
broken hearted chat room [public] created by babyjm
for broken hearted people who want to find new true love..
yashraj chat room [private] created by hotguyforall
only for good hot girls who wants a friendship with good guys
world4u chat room [private] created by cgrantxxx
welcome to my world of fantasy, broadminded discussion, search for happiness, and long lasting friendsship
nelsonj martinezf chat room [public] created by nelsonj78758
solo para romanticos y romanticas
seductive paula chat room [public] created by paulatryme
im fun and adventurous... ilike doing things that excite me. daring, passionate im your sugar , spice. get me baby tease me
paulatryme chat room [private] created by paulatryme
I am adventurous and like doing things that excite me. Im fun,daring, passionate,. Im your sugar and spice baby... get me baby tease me. lets meet in your favorite dreamland
people that maters chat room [public] created by anselm39
for matured minds. for professionals in different field.
Lithuania N chat room [public] created by Armante
Cia gali eiti tik LT zmones. Prasome nesikeikti. (If you not from LT we kick you out).
Wealthy people chat room [private] created by PrinzvonWettin
Only wealthy people accepted in this chat room - Chat and enjoy, if you can travel to meet new friends wherever you want!
Wealthy people chat room chat room [public] created by PrinzvonWettin
The new chatroom to meet wealthy people worldwide, the ones who live without restrictions
Marysville chat room [public] created by Marysville
Desde México, me gustaría conocer a alguna persona que viva en Marysville, Victoria, Australia. Saludos y gracias!
Amigos latinos chat room [public] created by Panter1600
Para todos los amigos latinos que desean chatiar
The Lucky Man chat room [public] created by TheLuckyMan
Welcome to all and specilly to girls in my room
Bible Chat all welcome chat room [public] created by winterhawk223
Come on in and lets talk about God, Jesus and anyone that needs to talk to someone when they can't talk to family members. Enjoy life and take a breather from stress and boredem.
theihateuvaredskinroom chat room [public] created by uvaredskin
this is for everyone that hates uvaredskin
Blue Hawks chat room [public] created by BlueHawk08
I just moved 600 miles from my home town. I want to make some new friends
BLOODZ ROOM chat room [public] created by im1bigga1dan1u
bookworms chat room [public] created by rosas90
a place to talk book recent books you read!!! and recommend them to other readers!!!!
Outdoors people chat room [public] created by cwbcrzy
anyone that loves the outdoors, likes to hunt fish camp exc.
be real chat room chat room [public] created by peaches913
this chat room is cool ,fun,and for anyone
Hunters chat room [public] created by cwbcrzy
Like to hunt ??? Bow or a gun???
frorida girls chat room [public] created by TEACHAA
welcome every 1 this is a chat room were every 1 can fuljoy them self ladies let go
PEOPLE WITH CAMS chat room [public] created by wellendowed4u
andy chat room [public] created by nowotny
come all and talk here keep it cool place to hang out
adult fun chat chat room [public] created by Pleezer
naughty talk, what ever you want, must be 18
dirty talking chat room [public] created by funtime1310
this is where u can talk dirty and have ur fantsys come true
xxx chat chat room [public] created by Pleezer
you know what to talk about, 18 and older
13 - 18 chat room [public] created by Dominique14
a room for teens to be away from adults
fucking room chat room [public] created by rockylucky
any body interested to meet girl or boy for sex join
boulder chat room [public] created by jtwaytobe
im here till sunday, and bored. lol
Hot gay singel guys only chat room [public] created by cutebubble23
men get to gather and see if there's that guy who catches their eye
Gay Men Lounge chat room [public] created by cutebubble23
Welcome Men heres a new place to find that interesting someone
BY STRONG LOGIC I CAN PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD chat room [public] created by angelo2008
I invite all those people who really want to know the truth about EXISTENCE OF GOD.By strong logic I can prove the existence of GOD.Come and prove me wrong if u can.
I.......... LOVE U .......... POLAAAND chat room [public] created by angelo2008
Hallo Poland, I am from India, but I have a very great and close relation with poland. Please be my friend and know me more.
kosova chat room [public] created by Teedybeer
Ju urojm chat te mir por pa ofendime dhe me respekt
No more illegal immigrants chat room [public] created by Carlo523
This room is for anyone who's sick of illegals entering their country and destroying it . Make your feelings known to the world and your government. I know I will.
Beautifull People Chat Room chat room [public] created by Lemuria
just Have a chat Respectful,Polite for people !!!
gay ky chat room [public] created by jkyboy
anyone in ky that might be gay
Teen Scene chat room [public] created by lovermuffin
if you're single and ages 13-18, then come here and chat with other users
possessyourheartrawr13 room chat room [public] created by possessurheartrawr13
have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
sex describe chat room [public] created by briannaturney
describe how it feels to have sex
brenda hot room chat room [public] created by SweetBlonde4u
Hi u guys..if u wanna chat wit me just come in
Pretty Little Devils chat room [public] created by XxcherryskullxX
Idk, chat about whatever in this room, it dosn't matter, but bring beer.
booooo chat room [private] created by booski
for everyone to have fun, discuss isues like games, sex, relationships, secrets and many more
Need a boyfriend or a girlfriend chat room [public] created by Laresgirl4
This is a room for people taht whant a girlfriend or a boyfriend
populer chat room [public] created by uloveme456
if u are pouler u can come in if u not get out
lovers leap chat room [public] created by mickel25
a places to find ur lover if it ment to be
south dakota chat room [public] created by cstout
looking to talk to a woman in sd.
London Wunss chat room [public] created by ReeBabex
Forr all thosee londonn wunss,, yah get to meet other peoplee in londonn yeeh x
African Love chat room [public] created by THRUST
hallo at peps. that know how to kick to the full extent if u know what i mean and want to learn one another African love to the heart so hella all my african bratha or sista
chilled out chat chat room [public] created by hunbabe
anyones who`s had enough of bigots , racism or just wants to have a laugh with like minded people just come on in !
cain chat room [public] created by FUNSHiNE
Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
sexy92 chat room [public] created by shwaty1
u know ur... all sexy people come in !
some real sex chat chat room [public] created by BeastinBed52
i guess the name says it all-dont you agree
japan bands rock chat room [public] created by ChronoYuki
cool only into jrock and no amerikan baka(idoits) be long here so don't think we'll find u
weegietoon chat room [public] created by joesmoke
for glaswegians and visitors to enjoy the legendary beer, banter and battles ;-)
USA LATIN GAY chat room [public] created by GRASSHOPPER67
horney chat chat room [public] created by akrone
u can chat everything .u will not get banned whatever u do.just try to be in a riot..have a good time with .dating cheating and hating
human-hanyou-youkai chat room [public] created by humanXhanyouXyoukai
a place where humans, hanyou's and youkai's can live happily.
XxxanimeXxx chat room [public] created by animeboi
Anime is like no other, better then life or even my mother. The sweet little chibi?s all so cute and small. To the truth the bad guys are secretly cunning. The knights, the fights all the running, the cars to fast a blast to the past. The happiness of watching just no stopping, you hold you breath and wait for death. I jump for joy when my favorite boy gets a new toy. Kawaii faces, police chases, shooting nuns and missing men no traces. The smell of blue roses, strange wired men doing lecherous poses. How I love anime no way to say this all the love. Like in Trinity blood the blood sucking priests, mechanical mobs. Scary hairless dogs named Bob, talking cats, man eating rats. Then the bad guys set the trap, and poor little Ed falls throw the cracks. But then there?s sweet little girls with strange powers ripping heads off and killing flowers. Oh but wait the monsters to, all the colors maybe pink or blue. All the toys used to kill the good girls and boys. The hero comes with the magic making every thing seem so tragic. All the girls are so big, all the sins they didn?t forgive. Empty amour with a soul evil homunculus out of control. Shy ninjas, lazy ninjas of the sand and all the rules you don?t under stand. Full on energy and always hungry, in need of ramen heeding the growls. Stupid lines heard a million times, no new words need defined. Half demon?s with bad attitude, need to make blood drop in latitude. The lovely plots, who cares what food they brought. Your glued to the screen nothing else can be seen. You feel the bone cracking smacks; you taste the swat running down their back. It so additive like a drug, you don?t know why but your in love. Nothing can change, people think your deranged. When you yell and cry when our friends die or say goodbye. Anime is, was and will be forever my love ooh the stuff we shall see.
Adelaide south australia Adults and swingers chat room [public] created by menomad
Adelaide south australia Adults and swingers
Montreal Hook Ups chat room [public] created by avid53
Montreal Hook Ups Montreal Hook Ups Montreal Hook Ups Montreal Hook Ups
rajeev08 member chat room [public] created by rajeev08
room 4 youth around the world so join it
irani in dubai chat room [public] created by nima90
bache haie irani bian tooooooooooooooooo
irani chat room chat room [public] created by nima90
bia toooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Looking for real men chat room [public] created by lqqking4men
just come in I will not bite hard.
men looking 4 women chat room [public] created by lqqking4men
singles looking to chat and have fun
cameroonians only chat room [public] created by akongnwi
only people who are from camroon are welcome in this room
Teen stuff chat room [public] created by Salisweet
Its all about teen stuff including relationships, teenage hardships, family, and a lot more.
TakaCrew chat room [public] created by Takago
anime, naruto, RPG,takago, obsidian, kamiya
Cide chat room [private] created by HarbiBoy
Cide chat, Cide Chat Chat , Sohbet, kastamonu Cide, cide ,cide sohbet
American Lesbians chat room [public] created by sxytomboi20
Room is for females from the USA only!!
Romantic chat room [public] created by mike611
talking about romance and about dateing
harleys hot spot chat room [public] created by harleysextiger
the place you want to be to meet new people and eveything goes.come in and have a great time
sex lover zzzz chat room [public] created by missionary13
sex . love . every thing to with sex and sex lovers
sapiosexuals chat room [private] created by kingwingit
sexual intellectual women meet me for witty and kinky chat
Japanese fun chat room [public] created by niggalover
Talk about japan and japanese anime and etc
Party in japan chat room [public] created by Ramennoodles
Where people learn about Japaneses culture and etc
Jipsies Demonic Haven chat room [public] created by NinjaKittyKillsYou
A room where you can be yourself...human or not.....please don't come here if your just ganna be insulting and no perves...this room is teen oriented older people are allowed if they don't go all pervy.
scott chat chat room [public] created by juggalobro
join to have a fun chat experience while online
laid back chat room [public] created by hunbabe
relax from the daily grind of life .... have fun .... chill out have a chat with like minded people
Glasgow Chat chat room [public] created by cjcm1986
Syria1 chat room [public] created by Anass82
welcam to Syria ................. ...................................... ............................... . i like syria
scene kidz chat room [public] created by amecahanesthesia
who lyks screamo blah blah blah i <3 brokencyde
for my best friends chat room [private] created by cutegirl122
this room is for my best friends
for best friends chat room [private] created by cutegirl122
this room is for my best friends .
just for best friends chat room [private] created by cutegirl122
just only for my best friends
Naruto Fan Chat Room chat room [public] created by narutofangirl
All Naruto Fans can Chat here!
xxx Chat for adults chat room [public] created by Pleezer
have fun be wild talk about whatever you want ,18 and up
all lesbians chat room [public] created by acetaylor3
for all the lesbians come on in
PLEASE LOGICALLY GIVE ME SOME IDEAS ABOUT SOUL. chat room [public] created by angelo2008
Logically I can prove the existence of GOD.But I can not prove the existence of soul. u people please teach me about soul.But logically.Please.Thank u.
only tongan Samoa here chat room [public] created by foilolegurl
juz love it and get 2 know each other and party like a rock star
Detroit chat room [public] created by LiLGspotter
Meat sexy singles in your area NOW!
YOUNG DRIVERS chat room [public] created by bugsisontheroad
a room to chat with other young drivers
chicago illinois chat room [public] created by werrin01
If you have some fun, let have some fun
truth or dare naked style chat room [public] created by sexybuggax
youu got to have msn n youu will have fun luking at girls n youu can be a lesbo bii or straight it does not matter so cum have sum fun a see girls naked n girl gotta have a web cam n theybetta be horney xx
truth or dare naughty style chat room [public] created by sexybuggax
youu got to have msn n youu will have fun luking at girls n youu can be a lesbo bii or straight it does not matter so cum have sum fun a see girls naked n girl gotta have a web cam n theybetta be horney xx
Lets speak Chinese chat room [public] created by ff8linchao
大家来说中文吧~come guys let's speak Chinese
Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Shemale chat room [public] created by yaseen69
all about naughty chatt, any1 can join and have a chat
Connecticut chat room [public] created by prax26
People in or around the state of Connecticut looking to meet new people
Connecticut friends chat room [public] created by prax26
People in or around the state of Connecticut looking to meet new people
Big Bear chat room [public] created by zarali
My name is Syed Gulzar Ali.I am 13 years old.
somalia chat room [public] created by bojan144
soo dhawada dhamaan somalida sharafa leh
Welsh chat room [public] created by kyripto
Join this welsh room if ur welsh and proud of it !!!!! Or u just love flirting
Harvest Moon Project chat room [private] created by blackravenscar
A group of people making a harvest moon fan game.
cam chat chat room [public] created by jnj4ever
for adults that want to see and chat
Hardcore Music chat room [public] created by Alexlicious
This is a room for ppl into HARDSTYLE MUSIC rockers!!!!
Ice Box chat room [private] created by Zysander
Okay.. I am.. weird.. and.. yeah.. xD
1c3 B0x chat room [public] created by Zysander
teen101 chat room [public] created by thelordsprotector
hi ppls i hope you will have lots of fun and injoy this wounderful chat room
I Hate Miley Cyrus chat room [public] created by peaceluvnjonas
If you hate Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana this is the chat for you
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